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Bookkeeping is typically a time consuming and frustrating task, but it is necessary and can distract you from focusing on the core of your business which is generating profits and new business.  Do you bring your receipts to your Tax Professional or CPA in a box?  Keeping track of money going in and out of your business can be stressful.  Feeling overwhelmed, confused or disorganized by bills, receipts and invoices?  You have come to the right place. Let Accurate Bookkeeping help. Call or email  me NOW,  you will be glad you did.

Contact the owner Georgia Gonder

I thank you stopping by my site and look forward in meeting with you. I offer free consultations and a special sign on program.  Over 25 years of Bookkeeping Experience and Quickbooks Experience.  Email or call now!

Accurate Bookkeeping, Willington, CT  06279 (860) 208-1979​9​Gerere

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