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Stop struggling with your books .  Start saving time and money and call or email  Accurate Bookkeeping and free yourself up to focus on running your business.

(860) 208-1979

Welcome to Accurate Bookkeeping


Concentrate on the core of your business

You get peace of mind when your hire Accurate Bookkeeping. You can count on all your accounts being reconciled to the penny on a monthly basis, allowing you to know exactly where your business stands. Running a business is a job in itself. It takes accuracy, dedication and time to handle the bookkeeping needs you have incurred. Do you find yourself not sending invoices out in a timely matter? By outsourcing your bookkeeping with Accurate Bookkeeping you are free to spend your time bringing in new business. Having your books done properly from the beginning helps you avoid the time and aggravation as well as high costs of fixing errors at tax time. The biggest savings is that we give you hourly, individualized expert bookkeeping without having to pay for a full-time employee and pay benefits. 

Dependability, Accuracy and Affordable 

You can always count on Accurate Bookkeeping to show up and get the job done accurately.  My rates are considerably less than what you would have to pay a CPA firm to maintain your books. Back up paperwork will never be an issue with me.  I will take on your weekly, biweekly, or monthly bookkeeping duties, and make sure your books are in order. No more bookkeeping headaches! Call me now and start focusing on the core of your business!

Year End Stress

Preparing for your tax professional or CPA can be very stressful. 

Everyone dreads getting their accounting records together for tax time. Do you avoid calls from your accountant because your financial data is such a mess?  Call Accurate Bookkeeping and we will make sure your back on track. We will take all the pressure off you and deal directly with your tax professional or CPA. 

Accurate Bookkeeping, Willington, CT  06279 (860) 208-1979​9​Gerere

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